Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Day Free Puzzle

Valentine Heart Fill In Freebie

Valentine's Day is just a couple weeks away!  Here is a free puzzle for mid-elementary level students.  It's a Fill In style puzzle in the shape of a heart.  Most of the words are related to Valentine's Day.  Some of the relations are a bit of a stretch.  Like 'thief,' which could be someone who has stolen your heart.  Or 'sell' like 'Sell me some roses, please?"  I can't even think of anything for 'step,' but it was necessary to link the other words.  Maybe...'Our romance is a STEP in the right direction'??!!  Hopefully your students will just enjoy the puzzle!

And in case you need it, click here for the answer key.

Happy Solving!

 The Puzzle Den - Valentine's Heart - Harder Version

Added 12/17/17 - I've updated this puzzle to remove the starting letters.  I thought some students might enjoy a bit of an extra challenge.  Just click on either puzzle above to download from google drive.

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