Sunday, September 21, 2014

Several on Sunday

1)  Our regular bird feeder has attracted some hummingbirds.  I felt so bad that I didn't have anything for them to snack on that I went right out and bought a hummingbird feeder.  The little guy in the pictures above still likes to check out what all the fuss is about with the other birds!  I got some neat pictures of her (I think the one that visits most often is a female Ruby-throated hummingbird) as she flew up to the regular feeder then flew off past the gold finch.  He looked back like "what was that?!"  We also picked up a finch sock.  They seem to like the regular feeder best still, but I've seen both gold and purple finches on the sock.

2)  We had this really cozy cat bed for forever, but the cats never slept in it, so it got shoved on one of the homeschool shelves.  Mona found it a couple days ago and has been curled up in it ever since!  She gets so warm in there!  I think her old bones like that!

3)  B&N had Halo Risk on the bargain bin this week.  I let Jack get it.  Risk is a decent game.  Jack likes Halo, even though he's never played it!  He crushed me at this Halo Risk.  I'm thinking the regular version is probably better, but he seems to like it.

4)  This weekend JP's army group (command, battalion, whatever!) had a family outing.  We got to watch a bunch of guys do a field training exercise.  They had to set up equipment and march around.  One of the exercises was called the "angry farmer."  They had to pretend that they were in a foreign country and they had to interact with a civilian who was upset about his cow (and goat and sheep) getting blown up.  They had to use an interpreter and set up a security perimeter.  JP could explain what they were doing better than I, but it was still very interesting.  After watching that, we took a ride in a Humvee!  Wheeee!  It was awesome!  Our driver asked us if we liked things "shaken or stirred" and then drove off the dirt road over a pile of big rocks!  We also bumped over some fallen trees and down a bit of a hill.  It was REALLY fun!  Then Jack and I shot a rifle and a machine gun.  Filled with blanks, but still an interesting experience.  We also ate MREs for lunch.  But those weren't as interesting as we used to take MREs with us when we visited castles in Germany.  Anyhow, it was neat to see some of the things these guys do when they go out into the "field."

That's it for last week.  This coming week is the last Friday of the month, so we have something interesting planned for Field Trip Friday! 

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