Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hexus from Brainwright

Hexus is a pocket puzzle from Brainwright.  There are quite a lot of these little shape games out there these days, and I enjoy them all!  Hexus comes with 7 shapes, a play board/storage box, and 44 challenge puzzles.

This is what it looks like out of the packaging.  It measures 3 1/2 by 4 inches and really could fit inside a pocket or a purse.  I carry a very small purse-bag, but I think I'll find a spot in there for this.  It would make a great little game to play when we're unexpectedly waiting somewhere.

The box opens on a hinge at the top.  You'll find the puzzle pieces and puzzle challenge info snuggled inside.  Along with the 7 colored shapes, you'll also find a stationary red obstacle and a white start marker piece which moves around the board.  As you attempt the challenges, you'll need to move the white marker to show which puzzle challenge you are working on.  This has the added advantage that when you're done with play for the day, the marker will save which puzzle you were working on last!

To begin the game, you select a challenge from the sheet.  Say you choose Level 7.  You would then move the white marker to the position that allows the number 7 to show through the little center hex.  Then place the colored pieces in their start positions as shown.  Now the fun begins!

Here you can see the Level 1 puzzle set up and ready for play.  You can store the extra pieces in the top of the box.  It has tall sides, so they are contained nicely.  The challenge is to fit the remaining pieces onto the puzzle board!

And here it is solved!  Level 1 is quite easy.  I made my way up to Level 30 something before having any difficulties.  This shouldn't too hard for kids.  Brainwright recommends 8 years and up.

What I liked about Hexus:
- Nice sized carrying case, definitely portable
- Quality pieces with a fun feel
- Nice array of challenges

There really isn't anything that I don't like about Hexus.  It would be nice if there were more challenges!  And it doesn't come with answers, so if you get stuck on a level, you might be stuck for a long time.

While I was solving these challenges, I wondered whether the solutions were all unique.  I also wondered if you could create different challenge arrangements for each level.  Well, I'm not so sure about the unique solutions.  The higher levels don't have any starter pieces placed at all, just the start marker.  So I'm thinking those levels may have more than one solution, but I haven't tried that out yet.  Something for another day!

But as for different challenges...why, yes!  You can make them!  I whipped up 4 new challenges for any Hexus owners out there looking for more fun.  You can download them from Google Drive by clicking on the image below.

These should be fairly easy.  But if you need help, I did make some answers too.  Each of these puzzles places the start marker at positions 1 through 4 on the board.  So maybe some day I'll create even more challenges for the other puzzle positions!  But I've got to move from NC to GA in just 3 weeks, so all that may have to wait quite some time. 

Happy Solving!


Stephen Butler said...

I am having trouble with #43 on the Hexus puzzle. Could you give us a hint? I can't find anyone who knows anything about how to win level #43.


Les Vrolyk said...

Thanks for question Steve! We worked on this level today and did find a solution. I wrote about in another post that you can find here.
I created a little hint sheet, if you want a small hint to the solution. But I also provided the solution too. Neither shows on the post page, so you won't see the solution accidentally. Good luck!

Aaron said...

I've managed to get through every level but the last one. I've been trying to solve it for 3 weeks. It's driving me bonkers. Any tips on level 44?

Les Vrolyk said...

Hi Aaron! Thanks for the question! Ginny managed to find the solution fairly quickly using the method we described in this post.
If you scroll down to the bottom of the post, you can click on a hint or click to see the solution. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Do I suppose to look at the paper and place the colors as it is in the paper.

Les Vrolyk said...

Yes. First pick the challenge you would like to solve. Then place the white start marker as shown in the challenge. You will know if it's in the correct position because the level number will show through the hole in the middle of the white piece. Then you need to place all the colored pieces that are shown on the challenge in their correct positions. Once all that is completed, you will have some empty spots left on the board. Fill those spots with the other colored pieces. When they all fit in (with no empty spots left), you've completed the challenge! Good luck!

Katrina Mitchell said...

Hello! thank you for the hint and solutions sheets. Could you post the original challenges sheet? We have lost ours!

Les Vrolyk said...

Sorry to take so long getting back to you, Katrina!
I think posting the challenge sheet would violate copyright laws. I looked on Brainwright's website, but I can't find a copy of it there. They do have a contact page in which you could send them a request for a new challenge page. Here is the link...
I don't know if they would send you one, but it is worth a try!