Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some on Saturday

Papa's home!  Back from Korea for 2 weeks.  We've managed to squeeze in some game play while he's been home.  Above you can see Tsuro.  We also played some Quirkle.

And Settlers of Catan!  I thought it was astonishing that we got this far into the game without the robber moving anywhere, so I took a picture.  And right after that a seven rolled, and the robber was on the move!  Jack crushed us and was very happy.  It's always something special to beat your Papa at a game.  (Especially when a sudden Catan win has became known as "pulling a John Paul" in our extended family!)

Last weekend, Jack had a sleepover with his buddies and they played some Heroscape.

We are off to Canada for the next week and then Papa flies back to Korea, so we'll be pretty busy for a while.

Here is a little puzzly article from Puzzle Nation about word pronunciation.  It's very interesting and the video is quite clever, so be sure to check it out!

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