Monday, July 13, 2015

Puzzle Stix from Brainwright

Puzzle Stix from Brainwright

Puzzle Stix are an interesting twist on your standard jigsaw puzzle.  There are 42 wooden sticks which you must arrange to create a picture.  Part of the challenge is that there are pictures on both sides of the sticks!

The Puzzle Stix version that I have shows a Kandinsky on one side and a Miro on the other.  If you look closely, you can see some of the stix have more orange and others have more blue.

These are the two sides of the puzzles.  I cut this out from the box.  The Miro puzzle is on the right with all the oranges and the Kandinsky is on the left with all the blues.

Puzzle Stix come with a sturdy wooden frame to help you with the building process and to keep your completed puzzles in order.

This time, I decided to work with the Miro side.  You can see it coming together above.

And here it is finished!  It was much easier than I had suspected it would be.  Brainwright also sells a Vasarely Puzzle Stix and a Renoir version.  The Vasarely looks like it may be the hardest one.

You can display your finished puzzle on a shelf.  I use mine to cover up one of the messier parts of my homeschool bookcase.  It looks pretty cool there!

Puzzle Stix would be a fun addition to any art unit.  I think kids 8 and up could finish these on their own.  They just look harder than they really are!

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