Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday

1)  Scrabble "Anagram Lovers" - wonderfully fun video...Scrabble rocks!


2)  PuzzleNation blog has posted an article about the Rubik's Cube.  What's wonderful about it is the video which shows people from around the world taking one turn each and solving a Rubik's Cube together!  PuzzleNation says "puzzles make the world a better place."  It's true!

Laser Maze JR

3)  Here's a new version of Laser Maze for's Laser Maze JR!  Definitely looks fun and a great way to get your kids playing with lasers!

Wombat Rescue

4)  Kickstarter has pulled me in again!  This game looks super fun and completely adorable!  It's called Wombat Rescue.  You are a Mama Wombat and you must rescue your baby wombats.  Watch out for the dingo!  You use poop cubes to mark your path so you don't get lost.  They say it's family friendly and what kid wouldn't love a game where they get to say "poop cubes" again and again?!

This game's kickstarter campaign has finished, but I totally recommend that you check out Kickstarter and see what else is available.  I'm planning on some interesting Xmas gifts this year!  (as long as they get here in time...and there are no guarantees)


5)  Back at home...just been very busy.  I've been trying to get everything organized and scheduled for next year's homeschool.  One major snafu involved a really terrible US History's been replaced with something way better and crisis has been averted.  Jack is also doing Geometry next year and at the last minute I'm adding in these ZomeTools (pictured above).  The book looks amazing and the building pieces are really neat!  Jack is going to be SO busy next year!

We've got a trip to Canada coming up and Papa coming home from Korea for a couple weeks, so we are really trying to get all our ducks in a row in preparation.  After that we will need to focus on the next move (Northern Virginia!)....maybe next year will be a little less crazy?  Probably not.

Hope you all are doing well!

PS - Blog problems...this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but scheduling got messed up.  So it really was a Friday post, but now it's posted on Saturday.  Ah well.

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