Saturday, August 30, 2014

Some on Saturday

1)  Yesterday was Field Trip Friday!  We've decided that the last Friday of every month should be celebrated with a Field Trip!  So for our first field trip of the school year, we went to the Morris Museum of Art in downtown Augusta.  It's in a beautiful building right on the river.  The museum itself was small enough not to completely drain two kids who probably aren't all that interested in art museums.  They did a handy job of checking out the paintings, commenting on some, and picking one favorite per room.  After viewing the gallery, we went outside and checked out the Riverwalk.

We got to see some pretty turtles!  There was a big guy on the end of that log.  I thought he was a rock, but Jack insisted that it was a turtle and he was right!

2)  Today was Super Adventure Saturday, so we did a small hike around Brick Pond Park in North Augusta (that's on the SC side).  They also have a 7 mile hiking trail that loops around this park called the North Augusta Greenway.  We're going to try biking that sometime in the future.

Brick Pond Park has a little man-made waterfall.  I'd call it a fountain, but they call it a waterfall.  Still, very pretty.  And they had some very friendly turtles here too!  The turtles came swimming up to us while we were standing on the Pavilion.  There are signs warning people not to feed the wildlife, but we think many people do anyway, by the way the turtles swim so close.  There were 5 or 6 swimming underneath us looking up with those sad eyes by the time we decided to head back.

There were also plenty of insects!  The gnats were horrendous!  I think we brought a whole nest of them home with us in the car.

Jack and Ginny think that Brick Pond Park is much nicer than Phinizy Swamp.  But really, that is only because Brick Pond Park is much smaller and easier to hike around.  (Not as many gators either!)

3)  Still working on this shawl.  It is HUGE!  Can't wait to see it finished!

Industrial Revolution Flash Cards

Effects of Industrial Revolution and Slavery Flash Cards

4)  These two sets of Flashcards are now available in my store!

Craft Magazine

5)  Check this out...Make Magazine has a sister publication called Craft Magazine!  WHAT?!  It sounds really neat.  I might snag a copy and try something out with Ginny this weekend!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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