Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Perplexing Puzzles 7/9/14 - Road Trip Picto-Crosswords

Road Trip Nature Picto-Crosswords

Picto-Crosswords are coming your way!  You can combine these with the other Road Trip themed puzzles to create some fun puzzle packs for your kids to enjoy on those long summer road trips.  They'd be great for plane trips too!  Or even one of those rainy days when you can't be at the beach.  :-(

Road Trip Vehicles Picto-Crossword

Just click on any of the pictures to download a pdf file containing all the puzzles with answers. I've included two versions of each puzzle in this pack. One version has a Word List included for kids who need help spelling some of the harder words. The other version has no word list, so should prove more challenging. The Signs puzzle shows the signs without their words, so these will be even MORE challenging! Good luck!

Road Trip Animals Picto-Crossword

Road Trip Places Picto-Crossword

Road Trip Signs Picto-Crossword

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