Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Perplexing Puzzles 6/25/14 - Road Trip Words In Words

Road Trip Signs Words In Words

It's time for more Road Trip Summer puzzles!  This week is a collection of Words In Words style puzzles.  The challenge is to think of at least five (but you could think of more) words that can be formed using only the letters in the given word.

Ginny loves these puzzles!  Her favorite part is comparing the words she came up with with the ones that I came up with.  Sometimes we each find all different words and sometimes we have a lot of overlaps.  She has requested more of these puzzles!  I'd suggest that you grab a pen and copy of this puzzle too and work it with your kids.  Set a time limit (like 5 minutes) and scribble down as many words as you can think of.  Then read your lists out loud and compare.  It really is quite a lot of fun!

Road Trip Places Words In Words
Road Trip Animal Words In Words

Road Trip Vehicle Words In Words

Road Trip Nature Words In Words
Click on any of the above pictures to download a pdf file containing all the puzzles.  I've included 5 answers for each puzzle, but that doesn't mean those are the only possible answers!

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