Thursday, April 10, 2014

Math Workouts

Math Workouts are a new activity that I've added to my store.  Each Math Workout focuses on adding or subtracting and has a fun theme like Easter or Candy!  (I'll be adding multiplication and division later)

There are 30 challenge tiles and a set of numbered tokens in each pack.  Students can pick a challenge tile, arrange the tokens on the tile, and then solve the arithmetic problem.  Like this:

Recording sheets are included for students to write their answers on.  They can also check their answers against an Answer Key Tile.

So far, there are 4 Math Workouts available with more in the works!

Math Workout Addition to 10 - Easter Edition

Math Workout Addition 10 to 20 - Easter Edition

Math Workout Subtraction 10 & less - Easter Edition

Math Workout Addition to 10 - Candy Edition

The Candy Addition Math Workout is a free sample, so download a copy to check it out and see if you like these!  All other Math Workouts will be on sale for just $2.00 over the next couple weeks, so check them out while they're cheap!

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