Monday, March 17, 2014

Microbes Attack!

Microbes Attack!

What could possibly be cuter than a bunch of microbes in a petri dish?  I'm really not sure I can answer that, because this little game has me completely goo-goo!  (or is that gooey?)

Microbes Attack! is a single player puzzle game from Daddy O Productions.  It comes with 12 microbes, 107 puzzling challenges, and a petri dish to store it all in.

The instructions are hilarious too!

"Lab Rules:

  • Remove all of the puzzle pieces before starting (you can quarantine them in the lid of the petri dish for safe keeping).  (See above photo!)
  • Adult supervision is required for ages under 6 - otherwise, Microbes may take over!
  • Do not put the puzzle pieces in mouth - microbes taste horrible.
  • Do not throw the puzzle pieces at anyone - microbes can bite!
  • Keep the game away from excessive heat - microbes melt!
  • Do not use this game for gambling purposes - microbes have SOME ethics..."
My son thought that last rule was the best!

The game works the same as most single player puzzle games.  Select a challenge, set up the board, and then think really hard!

Pat yourself on the back when you solve it!

Ginny (my 10 year old daughter) and I played this game for a couple hours the other day.  We didn't get to any of the really hard challenges, but we had a blast with the easier ones!  Luckily, we remembered to wash our hands after playing with the microbes.

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