Monday, February 17, 2014

Wooden Path

Wooden Path

Wooden Path is another fantastic online game that hones logical thinking skills.  There is also a sequel called Wooden Path 2.  The object of these games is to create a wooden path from one side of a river to another.  There are various obstacles in your way, like stone blocks and immovable wooden bridges.  You can move the stones out of your way, but be careful where you move them to!

You will also find transporters which can flip the orientation of bridges or stones.

And switches, that when connected will remove magical walls!

Wooden Path 2

Wooden Path 2 adds more challenges!

Some levels have mini puzzles...stone blocks that need to match up in certain ways to change the color of transporters.  Stones entering colored transporters change to that new color.  There are also sticks of dynamite to activate to blow up bridges and stones of your choice.

And when you've connect each side of the river with a wooden bridge, you win that level!  (I got three stars on this one!)

Wooden Path 1 and 2 are quite a lot of fun!  You can play both of these games on Flonga.

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