Friday, July 5, 2013

Fun Math Freebies on TpT

As homeschoolers, we usually school year round.  In the summer, we slow things down a bit and try to mix in some more fun activities, but I do like to keep those brains sharp!  It's amazing how much math these guys forget in just one month, let alone three!

So to keep sharp and review concepts, we have been working on some of the amazing freebies you can find on Teachers Pay Teachers.  You do have to kind of weed through all of the classroom behavior charts and poster freebies to find the real meat, but there are some good ones out there!  (Not that those things aren't useful for classroom teachers, just not for me!)


This week we tackled a freebie from Virtually Montessori.  It's called Create a "Geometry Star".  It's a fairly quick activity, depending on how much effort your students want to put into it.  I like that it has a brief review of geometry concepts included.  The added bonus is that parents and homeschoolers can do this with their kids too.  It's makes a fun activity to combat the summer doldrums.


Here are the stars we made.  Ginny's has wonderful patterns and is titled "Crazy Quilt".  Jack and I went with solid colors, and Ginny thinks they look like stained glass.  I just love the creativity!

Another interesting freebie I'm going to have the kids work through is "Fraction Avenue" from Ashleigh.  Ginny's been working on fractions lately and this looks like a fun little related activity.  Included with the activity is a pre-drawn street with houses to color, so if you have reluctant artists (or lazy kids!), this is perfect!

This is a freebie that I just LOVE!  Of course, that could be because it explores one of the classic puzzles, the Tangram!  It's called "Tangram Polygon Explorations" and is from Laura Candler.  This freebie has tangram templates in black/white and color, just in case you don't own a tangram set yourself.  (Shame on you, if you don't!)  There are also several different worksheets that challenge students to try to create basic shapes using various numbers of the tangram pieces.  Definitely making the kids try this out!

This next freebie is from Scipi (she's got a wicked store) and is called "Dots Fun for Everyone".  This freebie uses dominoes.  A set of printable dominoes is also included, in case you don't own one.  There are 3 different activities and one game.  The activities look interesting, but the game looks really cool!  It seems to be a variant of "24", but this version has players find pairs of dominoes that sum to 12.  I never thought of doing that with dominoes!  We'll have to give this a try! 

Whether you're looking for curriculum supplements or just a fun activity to fill a boring afternoon, TpT has a ton of possibilities just waiting for you!

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