Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earth Day Puzzles

I've been busy making puzzles for Earth Day!  Above is a freebie maze.  If you click on the picture, you can download a copy from Google Drive.  If you give the free maze a try, let me know if you liked it!  I think I drew some of the lines a little bit too close together, but it was the first thing I made on my new Bamboo Tablet!  I've also got 3 different packs of puzzles for sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  These puzzles focus on Earth Day, recycling, and endangered animals.

This pack is for Kinders and Firsts.  Puzzles included are Cross Out, Coded Arithmetic, Picto-Crossword, Crypto-Riddles, Hidden Picture Coloring, Finish the Series, Missing Letters, Number Match, Word Mazes, and a Word Search.  You get 10 pages of puzzles for only $2.00.

Second and Third grade puzzles include Lost Words, Word Scramble, Word Search, Picture Search,  Crypto-Quote, Maze, Picto-Sudoku, Mystery Grids, Cross Out, Acrostic, and Fill In.  Also $2.00 for 10 pages of puzzles.

And last, but probably the most fun, are puzzles for middle grade students.  Included in this pack are a Word Scramble, Pyramids, Word Circles, Sudokus, Acrostics, Word Mazes, a Crypto-Quote, Beginnings and Endings, Words In Words, and Word Searches.  Another $2.00 pack with 10 pages of puzzles.  Note that some pages actually have more than 1 puzzle on them, so a little bonus!

I've also provided a bundled edition with all three grade level packs.  That gives you 30 pages of puzzles for grades K through 6!  I thought homeschoolers or teachers with students of varying abilities would find this bundle useful.  The bundle is also a value deal at only $5.00 instead of the $6.00 you would pay if you bought each pack separately.  Every puzzle in each pack is different, so there won't be any duplicates.  You may notice that the Word Mazes for K&1st look almost the same as the Word Mazes for middles grades, but the middle grades maze has a tricksy twist to it and is much more difficult to complete!

I hope you have a chance to get outside for Earth Day and do something fun.  We will probably have a small picnic and a bike ride and enjoy the lovely weather here in NC!  Have a great Earth Day! 

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