Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fun Friday Freebie Set 4

Fun Friday Freebie Set 4 has just been released!  In it you will find 4 word puzzles to challenge students in grades 3-6.  I think older students would also enjoy these puzzles.

Included in this PDF:
African Animals - Reverse Words In Words
Beverages - Word Search
Word Scrambles - Can You Do the Can-Can?
Phrase Finder
Answer Key

Word Scrambles are my very own creation!  (Of course, nothing is ever really new, but this did seem to come out of my own head!)  This puzzle has scrambled words, but instead of the letters just being placed in random order, the letters include a picture!  "Can You Do the Can-Can?" has the word "can" in each of the scrambled words, so if you see T N E E with a picture of a can, you will unscramble that into the word "canteen"!  My kids found the idea rather challenging at first, but they got the hang of it!

Reverse Words In Words is going to require some brainstorming.  I've provided a table where students can write all the African Animals they can think of down in a list.  My students didn't want to write out a list, but that made the puzzle harder!  Encourage students to read instructions carefully, listen to advice, and look at the pictures.  All these things may contain hints that can help them solve any puzzle.

Well, enough about that!  Here's the link to the freebie pack.  Remember that you need to have a login for, but the puzzle pack and the login are completely free.

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