Thursday, April 21, 2016

Perplexing Puzzles - 4/21/16 - Bird Watcher Word Search

Bird Watchers Word Search

In honor of Earth Day, I have a new puzzle!  This is a word search puzzle all about bird watching.  There are two pages to the puzzle.  One has the word search grid, as you can see above.

Bird Watchers Word Search

The other has some info about bird watching and the list of words to search for.  After all the words are found in the grid, the leftover letters will spell out the names of some "Hidden Birds."

You can download both pages by clicking on either picture above or here.  If you need an answer key, you can get that here.

Backyard Birding for Kids

If your kids are interested in birding, I recommend Backyard Birding for Kids.  It's a great introduction to bird watching.  There are different sections for different habitats, ideas for getting started, and descriptions of many common birds.

Bird Log Kids

We used this Bird Log to keep track of birds in our backyard.  Ginny enjoyed tracking them when she was younger.  We used to have tons of cardinal pairs visit our backyard in Fayetteville NC.  When we lived in Augusta GA, we had visits from beautiful gold finches and an occasional hummingbird.  And now, in northern VA, we have a ton of robins and some woodpeckers!  So much variety along the east coast!

12 Bird Calls

Ginny got a bird call from a museum visit when she was little.  She just loved it!  I've been eyeing this set of 12 Bird Calls from Moon Picnic as a potential gift for Ginny for a while now.  They are simply lovely and handmade!  You can also buy them in smaller sets.

These are just some ideas for budding birders.  (Note: I don't do affiliate links.  These are just products I've loved or would love if I owned them!)

I hope your kids have fun with this word search!
Have a wonderful Earth Day and enjoy the birds!

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