Monday, January 25, 2016

Hexus Answer Key

Recently, I had two readers ask questions about solutions for the puzzle Hexus from Brainwright.  You can find my original post about Hexus here.  And my post with solutions for puzzles 43 and 44 here.

Ginny (my 12 year old daughter) helped me come up with the solutions for 43 and 44.  During this process, we decided that we should just figure out solutions to all the challenges and put them together for anyone who was interested.  Hexus doesn't come with solutions, and we couldn't find any in the land of the interwebs.

So I printed off some templates (which you can also download here) and Ginny got to work solving.  Yes, she actually did most of the work!  I think I might have solved maybe 4 of these challenges altogether.  So "Thanks Ginny!" for all the hard work!

And with that I present to you our Hexus Answer Key!

Hexus Answer Key

There are three pages for the 44 answers.  The last page has some extra grids for you to use.  You can create your own challenges or record additional answers.  Some of the challenges have more than one answer!  Ginny claims this is true anyhow.  I suspect she is right.

Hexus is a pretty awesome little puzzle.  You can't go wrong giving this as a gift.  And now you can print off (in color, of course) and include some answers!


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