Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday - National Puzzle Day!

1)  Today is National Puzzle Day!  What will you do to celebrate?  Here are some ideas...

You can also break out a jigsaw puzzle, play a puzzly game like one of these, or print out some free paper puzzles for the kids!

2)  SmartGames Designer Raf Peters released info about new puzzles coming out this year, including IQ-XOXO...I'm positively drooling!  Check out the website and click on the sidebar under "New 2016" to learn more about these awesome new puzzles!

3)  StandUpMaths has a new video out about the game of Nim.  It's a classic game that is easy to win, if you know the trick.  Matt has found a plastic "computer" version of the game from the 1960's, and he tells us all about the game and gives us the trick to win!  Check it out!

4)  The kids and I have been doing a Music Appreciation class this semester.  One of the sources we've been using is a website called Classics For Kids.  It's a great resource for information about music and composers.  They have a radio show on a ton of topics.  And they even produce an activity sheet for some of these topics, which sometimes includes a puzzle!  

And in case you were wondering, we are following a course for Music Appreciation set up by Easy Peasy All-In-One High School.  These are free courses.  The Music class has been pretty solid.  We've stumbled on a couple of bad links, but for the most part, it's given us a good introduction to classical music.

5)  We've spent the last week being snowed in!  It's so wonderful to have such delightful weather after 6 years of living in the south!  Seriously...we really missed cold weather.  And this blizzard dumped a good lot of snow on us.  We spent most of our time watching Harry Potter, knitting, playing computer games, and homeschooling.  The schools around here were out for the whole week, but since we homeschool, we just plowed on ahead! 

Have a wonderful National Puzzle Day!

(Note: The graphics for the National Puzzle Day picture at the top come from Pink Cat Studio and Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs at Teachers Pay Teachers.)

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