Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Break - Day 8 - Foam Stamps

Today we made some stamped greeting cards using foam stickers.  You can find barrels of these foam stickers at your local craft shop.  If you have little kids around your house, you probably already have some!  It seems like we always had a huge supply of these when the kids were younger.

So first, we cut some cardboard up into appropriate sizes for our greeting cards.  Then we applied the foam stickers in different patterns.  Be warned...using the letter stickers can get hairy!  You have to write your words backwards!  Many of the letters will look fine forwards and backwards, but some of them must be glued down up-side-down to come out correctly when stamped.  You should probably avoid letters if you are doing this with younger kids.

Once your design is done, brush it with paint. and then stamp in place!  We used acrylic paint which is water based and washes up well.  We also found that the sponge rollers worked the best for applying the paint to the stamps.

We applied some of our stamps directly onto the card fronts, and some of them to smaller pieces of paper.

We layered the smaller printed pieces with colorful card stock and pasted them to the fronts of the cards.

And for some of them, we pasted a special message inside.

And now we have a ton of fancy new greeting cards to send to our family and friends!

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