Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Break - Day 4 - Line Art

Today's project involved lots of lines!  The idea is to draw a bunch of straight lines and have them appear to be forming curves.

There's a great tutorial at What Do We Do All Day.  And another at Wonder How To, which includes 3d and string art examples.

Jack completed one simple picture, but at least he smiled for the photo!

Ginny also complete one, and she added some color!

I made this one and added a construction paper frame.  It didn't actually work out the way I wanted it to.  I didn't have a matching number of tick marks across the top of each section as along the edges.  So I just have 2 lines coming from some of the tick marks.  It turned out just fine!

Geometry: The Beauty of Numbers

 If you'd like more line art for your kids, check out Geometry: The Beauty of Numbers published by Muggins Math.

Pollywogs to Polygons

And Pollywogs to Polygons.  We used these when Jack and Ginny were younger, and they created some beautiful math art while at the same time practicing their basic math facts.  We also own the Muggins! math board game which is another excellent way to practice math facts and have some fun.

For game play today....My birthday is coming up and this is what the kids got for me!

Dixit is quite a lot of fun!

And the artwork is lovely!

The kids weren't interested in doing more wood burning yesterday, but we did fit in more game play.

If Kripke and Wil Wheaton like these games, we figured we would too!  We actually own Sushi Go already, but hadn't played Roll for It!  Wil Wheaton convinced us to pick up a copy.  It is quite delightful!

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