Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Break - Day 3 - Wood Burning

Today we learned how to burn wood!  For decorative purposes only.

We are planning to do 2 days of wood burning.  Today was practice day.  Ginny burned her name into a piece of wood.

She was hesitant at first.  That tool gets scarily hot!  But she did a great job with her project!  We saw a tip online that you can use watercolor pencils to color in your wood projects.  Just spritz the wood with water first and then color in.  Ginny and I both colored in our pieces.

Jack decided to do the Heroes of the Storm symbol.  (It's some game he plays.)  He did 3 symbols in a row.  He wasn't interested in coloring his in, but thought he might do an edging later.

And these are our final projects!  I did the city scape at the top and the Totoro at the bottom.  (Who can resist Totoro!??!)  Jack's is the second one down, and I guess you can figure out which one is Ginny's.  I thought it would be fun to try some shading on the Totoro.  Ginny says it looks like he's floating on a pond!  Ah well.  It was the first time for all of us.  By the way, we downloaded all these pictures and then traced them onto the wood.  We are not sketch artists!

Final results from today's project...we're not sure we'll do another day of wood burning.  Ginny thought it was super creepy at first, but she really likes her finished project.  She may be interested in doing more tomorrow, but it's hard to say.  Jack didn't seem impressed at all, but at least he tried it!  (Wish I could get him to try more veggies!)

If you're interested in giving wood burning a try, we found videos on youtube by KaWaiiCharMZ831 to be very helpful.  (And she does anime pictures which we love!)

Have fun!

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