Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Break - Day 1

This summer I am trying to keep the kids busy with projects.  We have 2 weeks left, and we've planned a build/craft, a movie, a game, and an hour of reading for each day.  (We would plan outdoor activities, but it's just way too hot here in Georgia for us northerners.)  The other hours can be used as they like.  The idea here is to keep them from playing too much computer.  I thought I'd share some of our projects with you, in case you were wondering what to do with your kids this summer too! 

For our first day, Jack built a trebuchet from a kit we found at Hobby Lobby.  It came with good instructions and all the materials to build the trebuchet.  It did require a scissors, some clips to hold parts together as they dried, and a ruler.

He did a great job of putting it together all by himself, and really didn't like when I would look over and ask how it was going.  There was only one mistake made when he put the gear on backwards.  That took some vinegar and an exacto knife to loosen the glue, but we got it apart and fixed.

And here it is in action.  It mostly works!  Jack needs to experiment with it to see what adjustments need to be made, but that is for tomorrow.

Ginny picked this owl mosaics kit to work on.  She's a total owl addict!  We've been doing these mosaic kits since the kids were pretty young.  Jack got a cars kit when he was about 6.  He worked on those pictures with an intensity that astonished me for that age!

These kits come with cardboard patterns of the pictures to be created and a bunch of sticky foam squares.  Ginny's kit also came with jewel stickers.  The foam stickers are fairly easy to work with.  They are rather like a paint by number.

Here are two of her completed owls.  She doesn't always like to have her picture taken!

Tomorrow we will be working with robot kits and seeing Minions in the theater!  Popcorn is not optional.

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