Monday, July 6, 2015

Game in the Spotlight - Tenzi


Tenzi is a dice game that everyone can play! 

Tenzi is a fast paced dice rolling game where the object is (usually) to roll all ten of your dice until they are all the same number.  On your first roll, you decide which number you have the most of and set those aside.  Then you reroll your remaining dice, setting aside any that match your original number, and keep rolling until you have all 10 dice showing the same number.  When you've reached that goal, shout "Tenzi!" and you win!

You can purchase a tube of Tenzi dice that comes with 4 sets of dice in different colors.  This is enough dice for 4 players.  The tube also includes the basic instructions and a couple of variations for playing.  Buy more tubes for more players.  I don't think there is a limit on player number in Tenzi.  The only limit would be on how many chairs you have, how big a table you own, and how many sets of dice are available!

One of the versions of play included with the tube is Tenzi Tower.  In this version, you must roll a Tenzi and then stack them....but be very careful!  Make sure you're playing on a sturdy surface for this one!

You can also buy a deck of cards which comes with 77 other ways to play Tenzi.  For Easy Threezi, you must roll 3 dice at a time until they are all showing the same number, then roll your last die until it is a 3. 

The deck also includes pattern cards.  You have to roll the required dice, then set them up in the matching pattern.  These cards are very popular at our house!

Another fun variation is to roll a Tenzi while balancing on one foot!  The Tenzi deck has a ton of fun variations and includes versions where everyone has to roll at the same time, for a slower game play.

We have played Tenzi with a bunch of different groups of people.  Except for Jack (who prefers strategy games), everyone has loved it!  Tenzi is easy to explain, having a limited number of rules.  It allows for a wide range of playing ages (great for families!)  And is very flexible when it comes to number of players.  You could even scrounge around your house for random dice and create you own Tenzi sets.  Having different colors of Tenzi dice is really useful when players accidentally roll into each others spaces though! 

Some thoughts on playing with the very young - Use a dice cup.  Everyone else should also use a dice cup (plastic drinking cups would do) to make it fair.  It does take extra time to load the dice into a cup!  You might also want to buy a set of colorful dice that use numerals instead of pips.  This would be a great way for kids to learn the numbers 1 to 6!  Tenzi is a quick game that is easy to play with kids who might have a short attention span.  And trust me, they love it!

So roll some dice with your kids this week and have some fun with Tenzi!

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