Friday, July 3, 2015

Five On Friday

1)  We visited the Atlanta Aquarium and had in interaction with the sea otters!  I can't even begin to describe how awesome this was.  But Gracie (the sea otter posing behind Jack in the photo above) was the cutest thing you ever saw!  And, yes, she's actually posing behind Jack, although there is a glass partition between them.  These otters are very well trained.  We got to pet Gracie's nose and paw and feed her otter pops.  We learned a ton about sea otters too.  If you have a zoo or aquarium near you that offers one-on-one interactions with their animals, I urge you to take advantage of it. find enough money to swim with the whale sharks!  (Seriously, you can swim or scuba dive with them!)

2) We also visited the Coca Cola Museum while we were in Atlanta.  Jack really enjoyed this and said it was the best day ever (until we played with the sea otters anyway)!  I think he just loved sampling all the different sodas available from around the world!  My favorite was Kiwi Apple from Thailand.  Delicious! 

3)  My folks paid us a surprise visit.  While they were here, we ate at an awesome Korean restaurant and had a wonderful meal and a great time chatting with the waiter!  The fish on the dish is an ice cream and bean paste dessert.  Yum!  My folks couldn't stay for long, but we had a nice visit.

4)  It was Ginny's birthday.  She turned 12 this year.  She's been asking for the Lego City Police Station for at least the past 5 years and she finally got it!  She was very happy. 

5)  And finally, we've had a lizard who likes to sunbathe on our window ledge.  It positively drives Mona nuts!  I've lived with kitties for most of my life, but the noise she made at this lizard was like nothing I'd hear before.  It sounded like she was chuffing at it!  I think she was breathing out of her nose, but she was exhaling loud puffs of air again and again.  I looked it up online and found a neat video about tiger's chuffing.  They do it when they are happy.  I don't think Mona was happy...I think she was hungry!  Have you heard kitties talk to birds before?  They make an interesting chittering noise that we call bird talk.  We think this chuffing must be Mona's version of lizard talk!

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