Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Titan Series on Kickstarter

The Titan Series

If you love games, you should check out The Titan Series on Kickstarter.  There are only 14 days left to help get this project funded, so don't delay!  The Titan Series is a group of game designers that have gotten together to produce 9 new gateway games and have them delivered, fresh off the press, to your door over the next 3 years.

The designers have previously created games like Kill Doctor Lucky, Magic: The Gathering, and Smash Up.  I feel confident that they will be producing some really fun games for the Titan Series!

Gateway games are perfect for introducing people to the world of gaming and are family friendly!  Calliope Games has put this Kickstarter together.  They have produced games like Tsuro, Roll for It!, and Ugh!  We have Tsuro and this is a very good game.  It is easy to play for the newest gamers, but still has enough strategy mixed in to keep advanced gamers interested.  Calliope has a good track record.

Today, they have announced that anyone who has backed the project at the Titan level or higher will be given a chance to take part in an online seminar on game design called the Titans’ Intro to Game Design Seminar.  It's just the promise of an invitation, so there will probably be a fee involved, besides having funded the project.  But what could possibly be more fun?!  I know I will be taking part in the seminar!

I can't wait to receive my first Titan game! 

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