Sunday, May 10, 2015

Some on Sunday

1)  Happy Mother's Day!  My kids made me this special breakfast for me.  It was delicious!  We are planning to veg about the house all day...huh, not much different from most other days!  I hope all you mothers have a special and exciting day.  If you're looking for something different to do, I do have some Mother's Day Rebus puzzles you can try here...

Mother's Day Rebuses

2)  We were in Virginia Beach for another visit recently.  Got to see family and friends and visit the "Art of the Video Game" exhibit at the Chrysler Museum.  That brought back some memories!

3)  We also had a close encounter with a bee migration.  They were at the end of my parent's court.  At first they were swirling in a giant column, but after a couple hours, they clustered around the queen forming the beautiful bunch you can see above in the rose bush (I believe it was a rose bush).  Our neighbor called some bee keepers, and they were happy to come out and collect the swarm.  It was a wonderful thing to see!

My folks live in a townhouse in the middle of a biggish city, so you wouldn't think you'd see all that much nature.  But not only did we see the bee swarm, but also saw a raccoon that apparently found a home in another neighbor's attic and a small baby possum.  The baby possum was so adorable!  He was right outside our back window so we got a good look at his cute little face!  Oh, and the raccoon was on my parent's roof!

4)   Just a cute picture of Jack.  If you look close, you can see our cat Mona lying on his hip.  For some reason, she really loves hips!  Apparently Jack's hips are super ticklish!  Her little paws found just the right spots!

Enjoy your special day Mothers!

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JT said...

Hi Les! Belated Happy Mother's Day to you. We saw that "Art of Video Games" exhibit at the Smithsonian; I agree with you, lots of memories.

Miss chatting with you.

Les Vrolyk said...

Hey JT! We miss you guys too! BTW, we'll be back up y'alls way by the end of the year...NoVA here we come! :-)