Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some on Sunday

We managed to meet up with some old friends in Huntsville Alabama this past weekend.  It was fabulous to see them again.  It's wonderful when you get a chance to reconnect with your best buddies!

We spent a day at the Marshall Space Flight Center.  Ethan and I used to work for a company called Intergraph which is based out of Huntsville (although we worked in DC).  And we are all addicts of space stuff, so it seemed like a nice place to meet up!

Maura bought Jack a wonderful cookie cake with a creeper on it for his birthday!  Jack loved it!  I think he ate at least half that cookie!

We spent the second day in Huntsville at the book store (book addicts too!) and then visited the Constitution Village in downtown Huntsville.  It's a recreation of the old colonial buildings.  We got a private tour (no one else was there!) and learned quite a lot.  Jack got to try his hand at some woodworking...or powering the woodworking tools anyhow!

Yesterday, someone let me loose in the Barnes and Noble.  I came home with this loot!  It's just not a safe store for me.  At least Castellan was from the 50% off shelf!  Rush Hour Shift and IQ Blox are new out this year.  And Machi Koro is a Japanese game and I just couldn't help myself.  I love the artwork of this one.  Ginny and I gave it a go last night and it was pretty fun.  I think we might need more players to make it really interesting!

Jack talked me into Clue.  He has been wanting this game for a long time, so since his birthday is coming, I gave in.  It is a good game...just don't play with Papa!

I have been trying out some new arts and crafts.  I went to a Corks and Canvas night with some friends and created this interesting butterfly.  It was easier than I thought and I'm eager to try it again!

I also signed up for an online class to learn freeform crochet at  I thought it would be fun to expand my crochet experience.  Apparently I make too many doilies!  (lol Wendy)  So this is the bag that I made.  I kind of like it and kind of think it's rather granny looking, but it was a total blast to create!

We are off on another trip in the next couple days.  We've got a homeschooling for high school convention to attend which I think will be very informative.  And Jack's 14th birthday is almost here, so we have to visit with his buds Alex and Jeremy.

Have a great week!  I'll get back to posting puzzly things soon!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Perplexing Puzzles 4/1/15

Easter Rebuses

Some Easter Rebuses today since Easter is right around the corner.  These puzzles are non-religious with words like bunny, chicks, and tulips.  Just click the picture to download and print!

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