Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Puzzle Fun

2015 Maze from The Puzzle Den

Looking for some New Year's activities with a puzzle flair?  Read on!

If your kids love mazes, they might enjoy the 2015 maze I created.  You can click on the picture above or click here to download it.

New Year Trivia

New Year's Trivia from Squishy-Cute Designs - You have to scroll down the page to grab this crypto-style trivia puzzle, but there are 2!  They also have coloring pages and matching games with a New Year's theme.

New Year Word Search

New Year's Word Search from Simply Daycare - Again, just scroll down the page to find the puzzle.

Chinese New Year Word Search

Chinese New Year's Word Search from Activity Village - Did you know it's the year of the sheep? 

2015 Color Challenge

2015 Challenge from Activity Village - Another cute puzzle from Activity Village.  Can you color the 2015's so that no 2 of the same color are next to each other?

New Year Maze

New Year's Maze from Oh! Rubbish! Blog - Three other puzzles are also available on this page.

PuzzleNation Puzzler

New Year's Puzzle from PuzzleNation - Here's a challenge for the older kids.  I've figured out only 2 of the 6 so far...but I'm still thinking about it!

Puzzle Box Calendar

2015 Desk Calendar from Make Anything Pop Up - Not a puzzle, but a puzzle box!  Kids will need help making this nifty, flippy calendar puzzle box.  But it's a whole year's worth of fun!  You can even store candy in it!

I hope you found a puzzle or two to enjoy!  Just search "New Year's Puzzles for Kids" on Google and you can find a bunch more!

Happy New Year!

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