Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

Puzzle Stamps

1)  PuzzleNation is one of my favorite puzzle blogs.  Yesterday, they posted about some new stamps from Macau, China.  Puzzle Stamps!  They are totally beautiful.  I'd love to receive a letter with a stamp like this on it!  Head over to PuzzleNation to learn more about these stamps.

Magician Handkerchief

 2)  Another puzzle blog that I find completely delightful is DIYPuzzles.  The author is an engineer from Turkey (the world is so small)!  He's been posting quite a lot of neat puzzle making ideas lately.  I particularly like the one shown above called Magician Handkerchief.  This is one I'd like to try to make myself someday!

 3)  Speaking of DIY, Ginny made some new counters for her game.  These are sheep with special powers.  I believe the Earth Sheep (the one with flowers growing from its back) has the power to make any 5 roll become a 6.  The Weather Sheep (the blueish one with raindrops on it) is immune to any weather tiles on her game board.  (I forget what the others do)  She's a creative kid!

4)  Jack and Ginny kept busy this week with some Lego Minecraft sets and Just Dance...Gangnam Style!

Teeny-Tiny Valentine's Puzzle Book

5)  I've been busy this week creating some Teeny-Tiny puzzle books for Valentine's Day.  So far I've complete the Kinders, First Grade and Second Grade versions.  These are neat because you only have to print one page, then fold and cut to create the teeny-tiny book!  There are 6 mini puzzles in each book.  One buyer posted that she was going to put these in her student's Valentine's boxes.  What a fabulous idea!

Ginny has been testing them as I get them finished.  Here's what the front covers look like.  I think they're really cute!  They are 4 1/4" by 2 3/4", so definitely tiny!

And here are some of the puzzles you will find in these teeny-tiny books!  If you'd like to purchase one of these puzzle books, they are in my store, The Puzzle Den, for only $1.00.  Here are some links to the different grades:  Kinders, First Grade, Second Grade.

Hope you all had a wonderful week! 

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