Friday, January 2, 2015

A Few on Friday

We were super busy this December.  My dad came to visit us for a week.  We did a little site seeing with him.  We got to visit the AH Stephens house and museum in Crawfordville, GA.  Stephens was the Vice President of the Confederacy.  The house tour was very informative.  Maybe a little too long for the younger folk, but we did learn a lot!  Totally worth a visit if you find yourself in the area.

We got a couple fun group selfies with Gramps!  You can see how much Jack enjoyed the Augusta Canal museum!

Gramps flew down our way, then rode back home with us for Xmas.  We spent the week of Christmas with our folks and friends in VA Beach.  One of our events was visiting the animal shelter that my sister-in-law Mary works at.  Jack, Ginny and I made blankets for the shelter kitties.  We were able to distribute blankies to the kitties and love on an adorable little kitten!  I think the kitties liked their blankies!

We also got to spend time with our good friends.  We celebrated the winter solstice together with yummy yule log cake and the burning of wishes.  It was a really neat way to learn about different traditions.

And of course there was Christmas itself!  We actually went to 3 movies in one week!  Annie, The Hobbit, and The Night at the Museum 3.  We loved them all.  We made a tiny house gingerbread village and got to see some Xmas lights at the beach...including this wonderful 2 headed T-Rex!  Christmas Eve is always my favorite part of the celebrations...probably because that's when we open our presents!  We tried to keep it light this Christmas and I think we did a pretty good job.  The kids were not overwhelmed with gifts, but they loved everything they got.

We were back home for New Year's Eve where we built a mega soft house (indoor fort) which we decorated with Xmas lights, ribbons and strips of cloth...and of course, pillows and blankets.  We bought some PVC pipes to support the center of our soft house.  I like having a little bit of head room!  Ginny made a Minecraft Nether Star cake and we had a hot cocoa bar.  We rang in the New Year watching The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie (both Chris Pratt and we love him!)

I hope your holidays were wonderful too!

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