Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

1)  Last Saturday, we decided to go biking at a park.  Turns out biking was not allowed on their paths, but geocaching was!  We got in three finds!  We weren't prepared for geocaching, but you don't really need anything, just your phone and app.  Having something to trade for boxes with goodies is nice, but not required.  It's also handy to have your own pen.  But two of the caches we found had pencils or crayons in them, so we were able to leave our mark!

Jack has decided that he despises geocaching.  But if we hadn't left the trail for a find, we wouldn't have found these amazing rocks to climb on!  Jack likes climbing on rocks, if not searching the undergrowth and reaching into dirty crevices. 

2)  We played some more Settlers of Catan this week.  We actually played the Seafarers version with random placement of the tiles and it was awesome!  JP smashed us all!  He has this way of sneaking a win in on people.  You're just playing along having fun, thinking that you're about half way through the game, when it's his turn and he says, "I win!"  Like what?!!  He does that all the time!

We also played some Lost Cities.  This is a quick 2 player game.  You can even decide how many rounds you'd like to play to make it longer or shorter.  If you're looking for something different in the way of  2 player games, I recommend this one.

3)  Did some "fall" cleaning this week and found this magnetic mahjong board my mom had given me.  I set up a matching version of the game on the fridge to see if I could snag anyone into playing.  Ginny has made a couple of matches so far!

4)  We decided to make blankets for the shelter kitties for Christmas!  The fleece was on sale yesterday for such an amazingly good deal!  We think we bought enough to make 40+ blankets!  It's a very easy project to do.  Here's some more information about shelters and blankets.  We found that 3 inches for the ties is just a little short, but 5 inches is too long.  Four inches is just right!  We hope the kitties will like their blankets!

magic numbers
5)  Here's an interesting article about Martin Gardiner on BBC with puzzles!  You can find answers to the puzzles here.

Have a great weekend!

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