Friday, September 26, 2014

TpT Homeschoolers - Spreading the Homeschool Love

Did you know that there are a bunch of homeschoolers selling resources on Teachers Pay Teachers?  Some of us have created a linky party and a giveaway to help you get to know us better!

Here is the giveaway...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just click to enter for a chance to win some really cool products!

And you can find the linky at the bottom of this post, but before you leave to check out all the other cool sellers/moms/homeschoolers here's a little bit about me!

My store is The Puzzle Den..hence the blog name too.  I write and sell puzzles across the ages and subjects.  My favorite puzzles to write are for math, but I do love a good word puzzle too!  I've been homeschooling my kids 2 kids for over 9 years now.  We are firmly into JR High this year and many of the resources I create reflect that, like History Flashcards and Latin Language Puzzles.

For the younger set, I have been working on filling my shop with seasonal and holiday related sets.  Fall and Halloween are right around the corner (where has the year gone!?) and I've got puzzles for both of those!

For Fall, I've finished K, 1st and 2nd grades.  I'm planning on going up to 5th.  (The puzzles are written, they just have to be plugged into the computer!)

For Halloween, I've got a free 5 page Mini-Puzzle book available.  Just click here and you can download it from TpT.

I know that many homeschool parents are teaching several grades at once (sometimes a WHOLE bunch of grades).  To help the budgets a wee bit, I've bundled many puzzle sets into one, with all the grades included!  Like the Halloween puzzles you see below.

Halloween Super Bundle of Puzzles

One of my other favorite puzzle sets is Crypto-Riddles!  There are riddles for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Click on the picture below to check out the multiplication set.  You'll see links from there to the other sets, plus some money saving bundle options.

Crypto-Riddles Multiplication

One last thing...I post a free puzzle on my blog every Wednesday.  So if you'd like to see what pops up, just click the links on the sidebar.  You can subscribe via bloglovin', google+, or email.  And thanks for visiting my blog today!

Now let's go check out some of the other TpT Homeschoolers.  These ladies are completely AWESOME and their resources are AMAZING!  You will totally enjoy visiting with them too, so just click on the links below to begin!

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