Saturday, September 6, 2014

Some on Saturday

1)  Monday was Labor Day, so after homeschool (yes, I made them work on a holiday!), we went for a game of bowling.  Ginny despised it and I'm not that far behind her!  It is a cruel game, both on the wrist and the self-esteem.  Jack really seemed to have a good time though and JP broke 100, so he was happy!  You can tell we don't bowl much!

2)  We worked with our atom set this week.  We were modeling chemical reactions.  These guys looked like dogs, so we had to take a picture!  This set has gotten some use over the years.  One of the better things I've spent money on for homeschool.  Definitely essential for science!

3)  Jack bought some mini-fig accessories from Brick Forge this week.  They've got something new out called the RiGGED System.  Jack got the starter kit from wave 1.  It has some suspenders, ammo packs, helmet, weapons, backpack and sleeping roll.  He also picked up some extras, like the canteen, which is really cool!  Of course, we got an email the day after we got this package which said that wave 2 is out, so Jack is drooling and hoping to order more already!

4)  Today there was a craft show in Aiken, SC.  We were thinking of going to the Augusta one that's coming up in a few weeks, but when we found out the Aiken one was free, we changed our minds.  I find it rather bizarre that I should have to pay to get into a craft show (or art show, whatever).  Don't they want me to have some money to spend at the booths?

Anyhow, the kids got some massive balloon animals.  When the lady finished Jack's fish she said, "And which little guy is this fish for?"  The other balloon maker said, "It's for that big boy!"  Yes, they are getting older, but they still like these things!

My favorite booth was the artist from Thailand who made clay flowers.  They were so realistic!  And he had these teeny-tiny versions too..and even some tiny cakes!  Very clever.  He even made a tiny flower for us while we watched.  You bet I bought something there!

No Safety in Numbers

5)  Jack finished up this book series a couple weeks ago, No Safety in Numbers.  It's sort of apocalyptic, so I had to read it too!  It's about a bunch of people who get locked in a shopping mall after a deadly flu virus is released into the air.  I just finished book 3 today and Wow!  It is seriously good.  These are definitely books for teens or older, some heavy stuff to think about.  I liked watching the character transformations.  People you think will be strong, sometimes crack and vice-versa.  Dayna Lorentz is quite a good writer.  Jack was impressed too.  The only slightly negative comment he had was that the third book is written in first person, unlike book one and two which are third.  I have to admit that I found it a bit odd at first too, but it still works.  For popular teen fiction, this is one of the better ones.  (Way better than Divergent, which is now a major motion picture...blah!)

Ginny's currently reading Bad Unicorn.  And when I'm not distracted by Jack's books, I've been reading the Molly Fyde series.

Have a great weekend!

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