Monday, September 8, 2014

Double-Sided Brain Teaser Puzzle

Today's Puzzle in the Spotlight is a jigsaw puzzle!  The Double-Sided Brain Teaser Puzzle is from Andrews+Blaine.  I bought 2 of them off the bargain bin at B&N.

The first one has a Starfish on one side and Nemo on the other!  I solved the Starfish one a few weeks back and then lost these on my mess of a desk.

There's Nemo.  He's a little funny looking here!  When you solve one side, the other side becomes a jumbled mess!

The puzzle I just opened has butterflies on both sides.  Here's Flutter, which came pre-solved.

And here's Bright Beauty.  These are just your standard jigsaw puzzle except that they are double sided.  So if you're pieces get flipped around after you release them from the grid, you could be in for a world of hurt!  Thus the Brain Teaser part of the puzzle I guess.

Each puzzle comes with an extra all-white piece which you can use to help push the pieces out of the grid.

It's easier to use the tip of a pen.  That pesky white piece always gets lodged back into the puzzle!

Here are all the pieces released from the grid.  You can see that they're quite thick.  They're made from a nice sturdy plastic material. 

You definitely need to examine the photo to get this thing back together.  Once you get all the colored pieces in place, the black ones just go wherever you want!  All the pieces are the same size.

And here is Bright Beauty completed.  The box suggests sliding the photo into the top of the puzzle grid while you are solving.  It's a nice idea.

To store the puzzle, slide the photo into the crevices on the side.  The jigsaw pieces are stuck in the grid quite securely, so you can toss this in a drawer with no worries.  You could also carry one of these around in your purse for those unexpected puzzle solving emergencies!

I don't see these available online anywhere.  They are nifty little puzzles and would make great stocking stuffers.  Maybe they will release them again in the future.

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