Saturday, August 23, 2014

Some on Saturday

1)  A couple weekends ago already (I'm always behind), we went to the garden in Aiken.  It's called Hopeland Garden and is really quite beautiful!  Definitely a nice place to visit...and it's free.

There were some wonderful turtles in the lake there and an interesting meditation maze to follow.  After checking out the gardens, we stopped at a local pizza joint for lunch!

2)  Last weekend we visited Phinizy Swamp.  It's a park just south of Augusta.  Quite a lovely place with some very interesting wildlife to alligators!  We saw some swimming in the various swampy pools and that was quite close enough for us!  You can see from the picture above that Jack didn't have such a good time.  It was bloomin' hot by the time morning was wearing off.  I guess we have to save our outdoor adventures for November, about the time fall actually hits here in the south.

3)  We got some fun kitty pictures this week!  These cats have lived together for more than 5 years now and they still hate each other.  It's always fun to catch them so close.

Latin Alive!

4)  We just finished week 3 of homeschool.  One of our new curricula choices this year is Latin Alive!  We've used other Latin curricula so are familiar with the material so far, but it's definitely more rigorous.  I'm enjoying it, but the kids have decided Latin is their worst subject.  They don't like watching the videos at all.  Too bad for them!

Back To School Spanish Puzzles

5)  I've been working on some Spanish puzzles for my store.  These ones are Back to School themed with 12 school supplies to work with.  I also have a Zoo Animals set done.  There are 15 puzzles and activities included with a variety of solving levels, for grades 1-6.  These also include flashcards!


6)  I also finished up some more flashcards for history.  These ones are about Romanticism.  I've got another set almost finished about the Industrial Revolution.

7)  We've taken the weekend off for some lazy time.  I've spent a bunch of it knitting.  I finished the above shawl a couple weeks ago, but just finally got it blocked.  It's not my favorite.  Now I'm working on a different shawl with a yarn called Squirrel Heather...there are some fun color names for yarn!  It will be a long shawl that you can wrap up in on a cold winter night.  Oh, darn, there aren't any cold winter nights here in Georgia...

Well, have a great weekend everyone!

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