Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Puzzles, Puzzles Everywhere!

Today, I thought I'd give you a peek into my puzzle storage areas.  I have a nice coffee table and two side tables in my living room, each having 2 drawers.  Three of the drawers are filled with my puzzles!  The first drawer above has my new Kanoodle Genius (got it for my birthday), Vikings Brainstorm, Stenzzles, Microbes Attack, and various others hidden underneath.  It is packed quite full.

The second drawer contains Pathwords JR (I got Pathwords SR for my birthday too!), Serpentiles, Tangrams, Square by Square, and various others.  Stuffed to overflowing!

The third drawer has regular Kanoodle, Turnstile, Hoppers, and various logic style puzzles, like tangrams and polyominoes.

Here are a couple of puzzles hanging out with Shaun the Sheep!  The one at the back is called Nemesis factor.  My old college-mate Jeff got us hooked on this one!  It's kind of Simon style with flashing lights and sounds.  The one with colorful towers is 36 Cube.  That is one stinker of a puzzle.  I've never solved it, but my genius nephew conquered it with ease!  And the last is one I picked up in Germany.  Just a little frog hopper brain teaser, but it's really cute!

Hidden in my games closet are some larger puzzles.  You can see Laser Maze (best ever!) and I believe that is Cat and Mouse underneath and Pirates Undercover on top.  At the very top of the pile, you can see Cool Circuits!

Here's my last bit of storage space for puzzles.  It's a new spot...I've been clearing out some other stuff, so it's not quite full yet!  (and I say yet because more are coming! HAHAHAHAHA!)  Anyhow, you can see Anaconda, Tangrams JR, Block Buddies, Dig It!, Rush Hour (in the storage bin), Utopia, Pathwords SR, and Life of George (kind of hidden, but it's there!)

And I almost forgot about these guys!  This is Perplexus and Perplexus Epic.  Our friends from Germany sent us Perplexus and Jack got totally hooked on it, so we had to buy Perplexus Evil...I mean Epic...too.

I've got some other puzzles floating around the house.  We like to work on them while we listen to stories at night before bed.  I recently purchased a wicked bluetooth speaker that can play Audible books from my phone.  We're now on book 3 of the Stoneheart series.  Our favorite character is a gargoyle named Spout who tries to talk and is really just adorable!  And the narrator, Jim Dale, is simply amazing!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of my puzzles.  How many puzzles do you own?  Do they overflow your house too?!

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