Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some on Saturday - Last 2 Weeks in Virginia Beach

We got back from our month in Va Beach this weekend.  It was a wild and crazy time!

We biked at the Botanical Gardens.

Went to a Water Park with friends...the girls all had the same swimsuit from Target!

Had a glow stick night and a sleepover.

Watched Shaun the Sheep!

Made and played with Flexagons.

Played more badminton in the broiling lava hot sun.

Watched caterpillars eat all of Wendy's fennel.

Watched special features from the Lego Movie.

Watched donuts being made...

And ate them!

Played more games...

And ate ice cream!

Made awesome projects with sticker circuits!

Played more games.

And jumped at Cloud 9.

Totally awesome trip!

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