Friday, May 9, 2014

Five On Friday

1) This week we have been working on spending less time on the computers. And believe me, it is WORK!  So when the allotted amount of computer time has been played, I have two kids saying, "Mom, what are we going to do next?"  I do often feel like the activities director.  No one ever knows what they want to do and no one can ever agree on a group activity.  Even so, we did manage to play some games this week.  A big hit was Pick-Up Snakes!  J&G love some snakes!  One thing to make known before you play any version of pick-up with kids is that if anyone sees something move, you HAVE to believe them (even if it's your sister!)

Anton and Cecil Cats at Sea

2)  On the book front, we have finished reading another couple books.  I finished up book 15 in a series I've been reading since it first came out.  I absolutely adore  CJ Cherryh!  Peacemaker wasn't my favorite Foreigner book, but it was good.  I like what John Carter McKnight said about it in his GoodReads review.

"The Foreigner series is definitely an acquired taste: it's a lot like Game of Thrones without the bloodshed, action, weirdness, and fantasy. If you see what I mean. But if you're a longtime fan, just spending time with with the characters and their world is a great delight, an annual spring ritual. I've often said I'd happily read 300 pages of Bren Cameron going about his day - and sometimes Cherryh just about obliges."

Well, I supposed this is not a Science Fiction blog, so I'll wrap that up!  Jack finished up book 6 of his Wereworlds series.  He was quite gloomy at the end.  He says that 2 fairly major characters die at the end and that made him rather sad.  So he picked up "Anton and Cecil Cats at Sea" and that made him feel a little better.  He's finished that one in just a couple of days!  I think he liked it!

3)  Jack dusted off our copy of the game Munchkin and coerced Papa into playing a round.  We had to re-familiarize ourselves with the rules.  We'd only played it once before!  But it turned out to be pretty fun.  It's a bit of D&D with Magic the Gathering all rolled up into one.  Except that it takes the humorous approach to things!

4)  We also played a little bit of this....but I'll keep that a secret as I'm planning to blog about it on Monday for Puzzle in the Spotlight day.  Anyone recognize this game?

5)  Parents of kids probably recognize this picture.  Mine have got the bug BAD!  We spent most of today's computer time trying to download mods and forge and make it all work.  Well, most of it worked just fine, but we found that .zip mods would not work, so we spent a lot of time trying to make them.  They just didn't listen.  Anyhow, Jack and Ginny both adore this game.  They can create so many things in this world.  For some reason, the goofy graphics don't bother them at all!  Ginny has built a bunch of worlds with towns and she's having a great time decorating all the rooms.  She made a hotel with color-themed rooms and a town from a manga series she likes.  Jack has spent his time figuring out how to blow stuff up, build roller coasters, and explode fireworks.  It's hard to hate this game too much.  At least they are not just killing things!  (well, I guess there are creepers and zombies, but not too many!)  Some of the things they have created are pretty neat, and Ginny is now convinced she will probably be an interior designer!

Hope your week was great!

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