Saturday, May 17, 2014

Five on Friday (or Saturday!)

1.  Last weekend we visited Pendleton King Park in Augusta.  It is a really cute little park.  It has a 1 mile loop for hiking or jogging, a bark park, a small garden, playground, picnic tables, and a frisbee golf course!  We did the hike and a picnic.  The hike was not challenging, but we rewarded ourselves with fancy cupcakes from the commissary!

2.  The kids and I worked on this Periodic Table puzzle.  It was a 1000 piece puzzle which always makes the kids nervous, but this one went together easy as pie (or cupcakes!)  We're studying atoms and molecules in science right now, so this fit right in to our lessons!

3.  We found this nifty water balloon filler at Walmart this week, and the kids got a little wet!  It has a pump for filling the balloons and a mechanism to easily tie the balloons too!  Very nice.  We played a bunch of Hot Balloon, kinda like Hot Potato, but you keep passing the balloon until it breaks and someone gets wet!

4.  It rained all day Thursday, but it was a nice steady rain with little thunder.  So Ginny and I decided to take a rain walk.  We checked the mail and had some fun!

5. I'll leave you with a funny video my dad forwarded to me.  It's very cute!  Jack thought it was hillarious!

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