Friday, May 30, 2014

Five For Friday 5/30/14

 1)  Our local pool opened up recently, and we spent a couple days there this week!  This pool is a little small and crowded for our liking, but it's still fun.

2)  We fixed another jigsaw puzzle.  I swear I have an addiction of sorts.  If there's a puzzle on the table, I really can't help myself but to stay up late and try to finish it!  Gin was a good helper on this one.  She did some sorting and finding of pieces!

3)  I ordered a Ninja...the one that comes with the bread dough arm.  We've made smoothies (very smooth!) and popsicles and delicious pizza dough!  All very easy to make too!

History Flashcards at TpT

4)  We're wrapping up the school year, only 2 weeks left!  History is officially done for this year.  We still have a couple more chapters to do, but that's for next year.  You can see the flashcards and concentration cards we've made for history above.  These have really helped us learn this information.  Ginny finds them especially useful for studying.  I've got 6 packs of cards in my store and the American Revolution should be up by tomorrow!  If you're interested in checking that out, just click here.

PuzzleNation How To: Sudoku!

5)  I leave you this week with a post from PuzzleNation.  It's How To: Sudoku!  So if those pesky puzzles have been giving you some trouble, this How To should get you pointed in the right direction!

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