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Amazing Mazes on TpT

Amazing Mazes On TpT

Teachers Pay Teachers has a plethora of, no...I mean, a plethora of mazes!
Here are just ten of the fun and diverse mazes you can find on TpT:

Outside the Lines: Maze Bundle

1) This pack is from Scott Cummins from Outside the LinesMaze Bundle has 9 challenging mazes that will keep your kids busy for quite some time!  These look tough!  Scott's store is like a playground!  You should check out some of his other resources too.  My wishlist just got larger!

All Things Algebra - Two-Step Equations

2) Two-Step Equations is a free pack with an algebra maze included from All Things Algebra.  There are actually quite a lot of this sort of math maze on TpT.  You might have to search around a bit, but you can probably find math mazes for almost any math level you need! 

Games 4 Learning: Easter Mazes

3) And here are some more free math mazes!  This Easter Math pack is from Games 4 Learning.  These mazes have addition and subtraction math practice and an Easter theme (which is right around the corner!)  The Games 4 Learning shop has a ton of puzzles and games!

Vowel Alpha Letter Mazes

4) This maze freebie contains 5 vowel mazes.  The idea is to help students recognized the various ways that the vowels can be written.  So for the A maze, they must follow the path of A's from beginning to end.  The Vowel Alphabet Letter Mazes Freebie is from HoJo.  You can also buy mazes for the rest of the letters of the alphabet at this store.

Kalena Bakder: Long U Freebie Maze

5) Here's a maze where students have to follow the long U words from beginning to end.  This Long U Freebie Maze! pack comes from Kalena Baker's store.  There's also a bigger pack of mazes available to practice all the long and short vowel sounds.

Debbie Bryant: Magnet Center and Mazes

6)  Magnet Center and Mazes puts some science into mazes!  Kids will try to get a mouse or a car to move magnetically over a couple of mazes.  You'll need some magnets, wood, paper, plastic and cloth to complete these mazes.  This free pack is from Debbie Bryant's store.

Mathew's Mazes: Owl and Dog Maze Freebie

7) Here's a lovely new store called Mathew's Mazes!  This Dog and Owl Art Maze is free to download.  The other mazes in this store are beautiful.  I hope he adds more soon!

Maria Monore: Differentiated Number Mazes

8) Differentiated Number Mazes for Each Decade helps students practice their counting skills.  Maria Manore (creator) suggests using bingo daubers to complete these mazes.  That sounds pretty fun to me!

Not Just For Elementary: Areas of Triangles Maze

9) This maze challenges students to find the areas of triangles!  I do love these math mazes!  Areas of Triangles Maze is from Not Just for Elementary.  Do a search for mazes in this store, and you will find Order of Operations, Perimeter, Scientific Notation, Irony and Types of Character Conflict mazes.

Created By Mr Hughes: Plural Nouns Mystery Mazes

10) Here's another language arts maze set.  Plural Nouns Mystery Mazes helps students review their plural nouns.  This maze pack comes from Created By Mr Hughes.  This is another creative store that is worth a long browse!

Sneaky, sneaky mazes...there are tons of mazes on TpT (many free) that help kids cement their math facts, explore their language skills, or just have some fun!  If you didn't find any above that tickled your fancy, just search "mazes" on TpT and I'm sure you'll find something fun for your students!

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