Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Whoa-Nuts!  We found a great new sweet shop this week.  It's a locally owned donut shop with a twist.  They'll give you a donut with glazes on it, then you can load it up with toppings of your choice.  Kind of like a frozen yogurt joint.  They also have signature selections.  Jack and I got "The Papa" which was loaded with peanuts, chocolate chips, and peanut butter and chocolate glazes.  So amazingly good!  I think we are still on a sugar high two days later!  Check out the Whoa-Nuts website and if you're in town, give them a try!

2. We all got haircuts this week.  Finally!  Jack's hair was so out of control, we couldn't get it to lay flat anymore!  You can see that even after the hair cut it's still a little wonky.  I think the water here in Augusta doesn't quite do right with our weird Norwegian-Swede-Dutch hair.

Earth Day Puzzles for Grades 5 and 6

3. My Earth Day puzzles are cleaned up and ready for a new year of puzzling!  Earth Day is on April 22nd.  We're thinking about seeing the DisneyNature movie Bears this years.

Spring Mini-Puzzle Book for First Graders

4.  I also got 2 mini-puzzle books posted for Spring.  There's a K and first pack done.  I'm planning on getting 2nd through 4th whipped up over the next couple weeks.

Optical Illusion

5. And I'll leave you with an optical illusion I found on Pinterest this week.  There's a frog in the picture, but also a horse.  Can you see both?

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