Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

1)  We went on a field trip with our homeschool group to a Water Treatment Plant.  JP and I thought it was really amazing...the kids were like, 'meh'.  But it really was neat to see the process the water goes through before we can drink it.  They get the water right from the river.  Um...I can't believe I drink river water, like, with fish pee in it and everything!  ;-)

2)  This is Mona bothering us at homeschool this week.  She suddenly seems to think she should sit on our laps while we are at our desks.  It's not always very comfortable to balance a cat on your lap while you're trying to write!  The top picture shows some wee little birds on our window sill which had Mona's complete attention.  Which of course, distracted us while we watched her watching the birds!

3)  We had another history test this week.  Jack absorbs information like his father, but Ginny needs a bit more studying (she's also 2 years younger than Jack).  So I've been making flashcards for them to use to study.  I also made these concentration cards.  These were a great way to get the kids really familiar with the terms and people we've been studying in history.  They had so much fun playing (in a very loud way) that Papa had to yell down from upstairs to see what was going on!  He's been home for several weeks on vacation, so he's been around while we've been schooling lately.

History Flashcards - Conquistadors

4)  This is the set of flashcards that I made for this last unit.  It was all about the Spanish conquest of the New World and the beginning of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  It also includes the concentration game cards.  I've got another set about the European Explorers also available in my store.  These sets are one dollar each!

5)  And just for's a cool video of a robot spider!  The movement of this robot is very life-like.  Check it out!

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Leonard Johnson said...

Thanks for posting the spider robot video. Amazing.

Les Vrolyk said...

Glad you liked it Dad! I wish I made a crap-ton of money that I could blow on cool robots like this!