Monday, February 24, 2014

Gravity Maze, Kanoodle Genius, and More

This week The Game Aisle is doing a series of reviews from the Toy Fair. First on the list for review was Single Player Games! Seeing a photo of those pretty new puzzle games gave me little shivers of excitement! I've already put some of them on my Amazon wishlist!

I think I'm most excited about another new game coming from ThinkFun.  I have rarely been disappointed with anything I've bought from these guys.  And this new game looks almost as amazing as Laser Maze!

Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze looks like it will be a 3 dimensional maze building puzzle.  I know I'll enjoy the puzzle aspect of the game, with the challenge cards to solve, but I'm sure just using it as a marble run set would be fun too.  My kids have always enjoyed a good marble run set!  This is definitely on my to-buy list.

Kanoodle Genius

Kanoodle Genius looks like another fun game!  Seems like it is already available for purchase too!  I already own a copy of Kanoodle.  I like the portability and puzzle play of Kanoodle, so I'm sure I'll love the Genius edition!

Logic Dots
I can't find much information about this new game from Brainwright, Logic Dots.  It looks like it might be similar in play to Chocolate Fix, but with dots instead of chocolates. 


Quadrillion from SmartGames looks awesome!  The game board comes in four pieces that can be placed in a variety of different ways.  Magnets hold them together.  According to Smart Games, there are 638,976 different start positions that can be formed.  If you find only 24 to 48 challenges (as with most single player puzzles) a little limiting, Quadrillion looks like it could keep you busy for a long time!

Looks like Toy Fair 2014 was a lot of fun.  Check out this post from The Verge...tons of fun games and toys coming our way this year!

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