Saturday, February 8, 2014

Five On Friday

Georgia Aquarium

1)  Technically, this happened last week, but since I didn't blog last week (busy with family), I'll add it to this week.  We had a visit from our North Dakota relatives and spent 2 days in Atlanta with them.  We got to see some whale sharks at the aquarium there...if you're ever in Atlanta, you totally have to visit the whale sharks...AMAZING!  We did almost get stuck in Atlanta, as we were there the day the "blizzard" blew in.  But we managed to leave early enough and made it safely home.  My ND relatives were boggled at why this tiny amount of snow was causing so many problems.  They came south for a week to escape the cold and snow, but then they brought some with them! :-)


2)  Look what showed up in my mailbox yesterday!  The day before I got a copy of the Bejeweled Board Game in the mail.  It was a mystery who sent them until my friends in FL called last night to see if we'd gotten them!  They know how much we love games and puzzles, and these are perfect!  Jack stayed up until 9:45pm last night solving the Perplexus.  He was completely addicted!

Crytpo Animals Puzzle

3)  This week I'm working on some more Crypto-Animals puzzles for my store (like the one above).  These puzzles focus on practicing 2 digit addition and subtraction.  There will be 5 addition puzzles without carrying, 5 subtraction puzzles without borrowing, 5 addition puzzles with carrying, and 5 subtraction puzzles with borrowing.  Each puzzle includes clues to a different mystery animal!

National Puzzle Day

4)  I don't know how I missed this day!  Wish I had know it was coming up, but I'm sure I'll remember next year.  Here's a neat article about the "Importance of Doing Puzzles With Your Kids" from the Huffington Post.  Lots of reasons why puzzling with your kids is important, not just on this one day of the year either!

Rubiks Mosaic

5)  In puzzling news, some students at Rice University put together a mosaic of Nelson Mandela using Rubik's Cubes!  You can watch a video here.

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