Friday, November 15, 2013

Five On Friday

1.  This week, we checked out the Augusta Canal Trail System and the Interpretive Center.  We got to see "cheese yarn"!  Totally worth the trip for that!

2.  Ginny has been busy making bracelets.  Several days ago she counted them up and had made 72!  I'm sure there are quite a few more now!  We've been watching videos online and figuring out how to use the loom to make more intricate designs.  Christmas presents are bracelets this year!

3.  Balancing Act II is now ready!  These are task cards that challenge students to balance equations.  The fishy tokens are each worth different amounts, like a crab is 1 and an octopus is 8.  Challenges might read "Can you balance a crab, a seahorse, a turtle and a fish?"  Students must figure out which animals need to go on either side of the scales to make them balance!  A fun, hands-on way to master equations!  This second set offers harder challenges!

4.  A new Latin pack is ready too!  This pack is all about school and contains 11 words to practice.  One of the puzzles is a rebus-style which I'm really excited about!  I think rebuses are too fun!

5.  And lastly, I've finished 2 puzzle packs for Fall, one for kinders and one for first graders.  Unfortunately, fall seems to have left some people behind already (although we're only getting started here in GA!), so I will only be doing these two grades for now.  I've got to get to work on Winter or I'll miss that season too!

Have a great weekend!

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