Friday, October 11, 2013

Five For Friday

1.  Not much going on this week.  We get a special furry visitor to our homeschool every day.  Her name is Deb (we adopted her from the pound almost 5 years ago!).  She usually likes to lay on Ginny's school work, but she decided to curl up on the printer today!

We think she speaks Latin.  She gets very excited when we do our Latin chants.  You can see that we were having Latin class and talking about "habeo" on the board!

2.  I have posted a new puzzle freebie pack in my store!  It's a collection of 5 puzzles that you can make into a mini book for Halloween!

You can download the pack from my TeachersPayTeachers store.  Or you can CLICK HERE to download from Google Drive instead.  I'm always appreciative if you leave some feedback for me at my store!

To create the mini book, print the puzzle pages and answer page.  Cut along the gray center line.  Sort the pages with the answers at the back.  Staple along the left edge.  I think it would be fun to print out some of these to hand out for Halloween or for a party treat.  You could staple a candy to one corner too!

3.  I also finished up the mini puzzle book for first graders!  It has 15 more puzzles for Halloween fun!  It is $3.00 in my store.

4.  And a new Latin pack too!  This week deals with words Around the House.  You can practice your Latin vocab for bed, chair, door, wall, floor and more!

5.  Last Sunday we attended the "Octoberfest" here on base.  They didn't have real German weiners, so I was a little disappointed.  (I miss the curried brats! YUM!)  But they had some fun rides, and we got to eat a funnel cake.  Devoured by four people in about two minutes!

Tomorrow, we are off to a Corn Maze!  I am looking forward to feeling some fall-ness.  I miss fall terribly.  There won't be any pretty fall leaves yet, and it will be in the 80's, but it should still be fun!  Can't go wrong with corn and pumpkins!

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