Monday, September 23, 2013


Barnes & Noble has 50% off tables again!  I totally scored a ton of awesome puzzles I've been eyeing for some time now.  Maybe it's a little crazy, but I grabbed up all the ones I don't already own...and that made 6!  Six wonderfully fun and challenging new puzzles!  :-)

Tilt from ThinkFun is the first puzzle I cracked open.  Actually, it was already open, so I had to make sure all the parts were there (and they were!)  Tilt comes with a handy storage bag, instructions, 40 challenge cards, 2 green sliders, 4 blue sliders and 6 gray square blockers.

And this cool playing board.  The top of the board sits on the rounded base and is then able to swivel about.

Pick a challenge card, add your sliders and blockers and your ready to Tilt!

Here are a couple of Tilts completed.  You must let the sliders slide completely to the other side of the board or until they hit a blocker.  The object of the puzzle is to get all the green sliders into the center hole while leaving the blue sliders on the board.  It's not always as easy as it seems!

My green sliders have made it home and you can see them snug in the little base!

I like this puzzle!  The little sliders and other puzzle pieces are very well made, and I think the tilting concept is ingenious.  ThinkFun always puts out well constructed and elegantly thoughtful puzzles.  They recommend ages 8 to adult for this puzzle.  I'm sure younger kids could knock out some of the easier challenges with no problem.  And, of course, this would be a great game for parents and kids to work on together.  Don't forget that family game night could include single player puzzles like these as more brains are always helpful when solving puzzles on the harder levels!

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