Saturday, September 28, 2013

Five on Friday

I guess I should do a Six on Saturday post instead...I'm always late!

1.  We got a new couch!  It's actually a love seat where each side reclines.  And we love it!

There it is...and our feet!

2.  We made some delicious things this week.  Homemade pudding cups and caramel apples!  Wish it was fall here, but at least the weather has cooled down a little bit.

3. Ginny started some new math this week.  It's called Beast Academy from AOPS.  I thought she could use some extra practice with fractions, and I do love how AOPS presents things, so Gin is doing these as well as her other Math U See work.  I'm very tough on the math.  I know there is a big controversy about when to start kids with math or whether they should be doing it at all, but I'm totally in the math immersion crowd!  My husband and I both have our degrees in math and it would be very strange to us if our children didn't have an innate ability.  But we do push them a little bit too.

Beast Academy is a new program and says it follows common core standards.  They have the third grade level completed and one section of fourth grade.  I bought 3D for Gin for the fraction work it included.  It's a little below her level, since she is in 5th grade this year.  Beast Academy does a great job of presenting concepts using a comic strip approach.  I also love all the fun math puzzles they sneak in there!

4. We played some games this week.  One of my personal favorites is Cascassonne.  You draw tiles with city, road and farm bits and have to build a grid matching things up.  It's quite a simple game, but still tons of fun for both kids and adults.

The other game we played is called TransAmerica.  This game also has a simple set of rules but is super fun to play!  Everyone is dealt 5 cards showing 5 different cities in the US.  The goal is to connect all 5 of your cities with train track. 

5.  And last, I caught the kids on my new couch and they were reading quietly to themselves!  I love those moments!

Have a great weekend!

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