Friday, September 13, 2013

Five On Friday

1.  A new shirt!  Ginny picked out the material and pattern for this shirt.  I sewed it up.  She is extremely pleased with it!  She even wore it two days in a row ("It isn't dirty yet!")  Gin loves designing clothes, so I think she really enjoyed picking the bits and seeing how it came out.

2.  We did 2 experiments and 1 project for science this week!

Swinging the pendulum.

Modeling their bedrooms.

And color mixing and measuring.  The kids reported that this was the very best experiment EVER, because they got to use real science equipment, like beakers and test tubes!  They had a ball using all the tong-like things that came in our kit too!

3.  We made markers.  J&G have been waiting patiently (not!) to get a hold of Crayolas new Marker Maker.  These kids are marker-aholics.  They had a blast making new colors and naming them things like "Grandma Green" and "Mulch Brown".

4.  There's a really neat interview with Tanya Thompson, Head of Inventor Relations at ThinkFun, over on the Puzzle Nation blog.  She used to be a math teacher!  Pretty darn cool!

5.  And a new set of Latin puzzles is now available.  This week is "All About Oceans".

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